AVIATION / Major changes to process and substantive law pertaining to FAA certification of airports.

This rule has a number of significant changes within it pertaining to the FAA’s procedures and substantive law for certificating airports. 

January 16, 2013, Final Rule.

The FAA’s summary:

“This rulemaking amends regulations pertaining to certification of airports to clarify that the applicability of these regulations is based only on passenger seats in passenger-carrying operations as determined by either the regulations or the aircraft type certificate. This final rule also adds a new section that prohibits fraudulent or intentionally false statements concerning an airport operating certificate. Finally, this final rule adopts administrative changes for internal consistency, or to codify existing industry practice. These changes are necessary to clarify the applicability language, and ensure the reliability of records maintained by a certificate holder and reviewed by the FAA. Lastly, this final rule changes the definition of joint-use airport to correspond with statutory authority.”