AVIATION / Pilots – Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements; Technical Correction

“The FAA is correcting the final flightcrew member duty and rest rule published on January 4, 2012. In that rule, the FAA amended its existing flight, duty and rest regulations applicable to certificate holders and their flightcrew members operating certain domestic, flag, and supplemental operations. This document corrects several issues requiring a technical correction in the codified text of the final flightcrew member duty and rest rule.” 

February 6, 2013, Final rule, Technical correction


“On January 4, 2012, the FAA published a final rule entitled “Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements” (77 FR 330). In that rule, the FAA created a new part, part 117, which replaced the then-existing flight, duty, and rest regulations for part 121 passenger operations. As part of this rulemaking, the FAA also applied the new part 117 to certain part 91 operations, and it permitted all-cargo operations operating under part 121 to voluntarily opt into the part 117 flight, duty, and rest regulations.

“After the final rule was published, the FAA discovered several issues requiring a technical correction in the regulatory text of the rule. These issues, and the corresponding technical corrections, are as follows.”

Specific Areas

“1. Reporting a Flight Time Extension

Subsections 117.11(c)(2) and (d) contain requirements that are triggered if the certificate holder uses a flight-time extension for circumstances that are within the certificate holder’s control. However, pursuant to § 117.11(b), a flight-time extension can only be taken for unforeseen operational circumstances that are “beyond the certificate holder’s control.” Because a flight time extension cannot be taken for circumstances that are within the control of the certificate holder, the provisions of § 117.11(c)(2) and (d) are unnecessary and have been removed.

2. Applying § 117.19 Extensions to Short-Call Reserve Limits

The regulatory text of § 117.19 in the final rule permits extensions to flight duty periods but does not permit extensions to the short-call reserve limits specified in § 117.21(c)(3) and (4). Because these short-call-reserve limits were not intended to be more stringent than flight-duty-period limits, § 117.19 has been corrected to provide an extension for the short-call-reserve limits specified in § 117.21(c)(3) and (4).

3. Requirements for the 56-Hour Rest Period

The regulatory text of § 117.25(d) has been corrected to clarify that the rest requirements of that subsection are triggered if a flightcrew member: (1) Travels more than 60 degrees longitude during a flight duty period or series of flight duty periods; and (2) is away from home base for over 168 consecutive hours during this travel.

4. Applying § 117.29 Extensions to Short-Call Reserve Limits

Similar to the § 117.19 discussion above, § 117.29(b) also allows for an extension of flight-duty-period limits but does not allow for an extension of short-call-reserve limits. As such, § 117.29(b) has been corrected to allow short-call reserve to have the same extension as a flight duty period.

Accordingly, in the final rule, FR Doc. 2011-33078, published on January 4, 2012 (77 FR 330), make [corrections specified in attachments].”