Former FAA head looks at likely FAA budget developments in a “fiscal cliff” and “sequester” context that squeezes “discretionary” federal spending. “FAA should minimize Fiscal Cliff’s impact on Safety Critical Operations; Discretionary Programs more likely Target”. See write-up by Joe Del Balzo of JDA Aviation Technology Solutions here. 

Former FAA head looks back at safety advances and expresses concern that hard-won candor from voluntary flow of information from pilots and others to the FAA may be swept away by an adversarial or enforcement view from the FAA. “Aviation Safety’s Record for 2012 was Exceptional; the Challenge for 2013 and beyond is to Reinstate the Protection of Voluntarily Submitted Data”. See write-up by Joe Del Balzo of JDA Aviation Technology Solutions here.

Russian airlines closer to Cape Town Convention discount”. Nick Chandler, Esq., Anna Otkina, Esq. and Phillip Lamzin, Esq. of SNR Denton write-up available here.


Federal Maritime Commission Pursues Logistics Company for Freight Irregularities”. Charlie Papavizas, Esq. of Winston & Strawn write-up here.

FMC announcement available here. 

Shipping Sector Update: Global shipping emissions: the road to reduction”. Write-up by Jessica Maltra, Esq. and Nick Axup, Esq. of Eversheds available here.

Federal Rail Safety Act / Employment (Whistle-Blower) 

Plaintiff’s injury lawyer Charlie Goetsch, Esq. describes what he calls “yet another example of rail management’s attempt to circumvent the Federal Rail Safety Act through discipline for ‘false and misleading’ injury reports”. February 12, 2013 “How to Analyze ‘False and Misleading’ Injury Report Retaliation”. Write-up by Charlie Goetsch, Esq. of Cahill, Goetsch & Perry, P.C. in the “Train Law Blog” here.

U.S. Department of Labor Administrative Law Judges’ opinion here.


Where a New York court orders a party to hand over assets to enforce the judgment of an English court in arbitration context. “Transport Sector Update: shipping, ports and logistics – U.S. Koehler proceeding as a method of enforcing LMAA arbitration awards”. Eric Eyo, Esq. of Eversheds LLP write-up available here.