U.S. DOT (National Freight Network) – U.S. DOT Secretary LaHood announces National Freight Advisory Committee on February 14, 2013, after Federal Highway Administration on February 6, 2013 issued Notice “defin[ing] the planned process for the designation of the national freight network as required by” the “MAP-21” statute enacted last year (23 U.S.C. §167(c).

Following the Federal Highway Administration’s issuance of a Notice in the Federal Register February 6, 2013 (copy available here), U.S. DOT Secretary LaHood on February 14, 2013 announced a National Freight Advisory Committee and began solicitation of nominees (copy of press release available here).

Both actions are pursuant to the “MAP-21” federal statute enacted last year and codified at 23 U.S. Code § 167(c) (free copy available here).