TORTS (PRODUCT LIABILITY) / As result of system defect truck caught fire while on interstate hauling load – held: (1) Because no harm other than to the defective property itself aggrieved party can recover only in contract – not in tort; and (2) National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act does not create a private right of action to recover for harms allegedly caused by product manufacturer’s failure to comply with that act.

The Moorman Doctrine – Illinois common law, “the Moorman doctrine precludes recovery of purely economic losses in tort for failure to fulfill contractual obligations”. Moorman Manufacturing Company v. National Tank Co., 91 Ill. 2d 69 (Supreme Court of Illinois, 1983).

Great West Casualty Co. v. Volvo Trucks North American, Inc., Slip copy, 2013 WL 617068 (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, February 19, 2013). Free copy available here.