Aviation (Maintenance)

“FAA’s Draft Contract Maintenance Regulations are Riddled with Flaws; ARSA has a better Approach”. Write-up by Joe del Balzo founder and CEO of JDA consultancy.

Aviation (Federal Preemption)

“DOL [U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division] releases final rule for FMLA changes for airline crews, military caregivers”. Write-up by Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz PC (individual lawyer author(s) not identified).

Insurance (Cargo & Theft Liability)

“Once More into the Breach”. Write-up by Katherine T. Garber of Strasburger law firm.

Insurance (Motor Carrier)

“UM [Uninsured / Underinsured] Insurance Protocol Demands Careful Attention”. Write-up by Michael B. Langford of Scopelitis law firm (at Page 2).

Motor Carrier (Truck Drivers)

“[Motor Carrier Accident] Verdict Trends Require Reassessment”. Write-up by Michael B. Langford, Esq. of Scopelitis law firm (at Page 2).

Railroad (Federal Railroad Safety Act)

“First FRSA Jury Verdict Upheld with Landmark Damages Decision”. Write-up by Charlie Goetsch, Esq. of Cahill, Goetsch & Perry, P.C. law firm.


Damage to or Loss of Cargo (Aviation)

“Alberta Court says Air Cargo Liability Limits can be Broken”. Write-up by Artem Barsukov, Esq. of Bennett Jones law firm.

Import Safety

“FDA Shifts Focus to Prevention with Publication of Proposed Food Safety Rules”. Write-up by lawyers of Venable law firm (no by-line).



“CBP Unveils New C-TPAT System of Records”. Write-up by Martin Rayner of International Compliance Strategies.

NTSB March 5, 2013 Announcement of Safety Initiatives

“NTSB Initiative May Overlook Equally Valid Alternative Perspectives; Inclusive Consultation Might Enhance Aviation Safety”. Write-up by Joe del Balzo founder and CEO of JDA consultancy regarding NTSB March 5, 2013 announced initiatives.

See NTSB announcement here.

Safety Management Systems

“Privatization of Midway would be well served by State-of-the-Art Airport Safety Management System”. Write-up by Cynthia Schultz, Vice President of Airports at JDA consultancy.


Contracts (Tax Policy Impacts on Aviation Transactions)

“Aviation Transactions: The Irish Government acknowledges the key role Ireland’s taxation system plays in ensuring that Ireland remains one of the leading jurisdiction for aircraft leasing and related business.” Write-up by Robert Henson, Esq. of Mason, Hayes & Curran law firm.

Federal Preemption (Aviation)

“The Ninth Circuit’s “Nuanced” Approach to FAA Preemption Leads to Greater Uncertainty and Invites Artful Pleading”. Write-up by Marina Slavin, Esq., Ashley Washington, Esq. and Don Rushing, Esq. of Morrison & Foerster law firm.

Litigation Climate

“Verdict Trends Require Assessment”. A write-up by Michael B. Langford of the Scopelitis law firm observes the increasing frequency of high-dollar jury verdicts against trucking companies in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Winter 2013 Scopelitis Transportation Brief, at Page 2