REMARKS / MAY 31, 2013 notice of proposed rule making would re-write the Federal Maritime Commission Rules governing the licensing and operation of Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC’s) in important ways, with more demanding requirements for NVOCC’s (OTI’s) and an arguably tougher regulatory environment – two excellent law firm summaries are out this week. Comment: Changes in the licensing and operations regime for NVOCC’s is sort of “inside baseball”, but it’s “inside baseball” for an economic function of massive proportions – the shipment of goods by sea on which 70 percent or more of U.S. international trade depends.

This blog reported on the Federal Register announcement earlier (available here).

“Federal Maritime Commission Proposes New Rules for Ocean Transportation Intermediaries”. Write-up by J. Michael Cavanaugh, Esq. and Farid Hekmat, Esq. of Holland & Knight.

“U.S.: FMC Approves Proposped Re-Write of OTI Regulations”. Write-up by Ashley W. Craig, Esq., Elizabeth K. Lowe, Esq. and Amanda C. Blunt, Esq.

Hat tip: Mondaq.