RAILROAD (FELA & FEDERAL RAIL SAFETY ACT) Miscellaneous Administrative Notices – Three recent Federal Railroad Administration notices that draw attention to the federal role in two localized sources of wrongful death and personal injury cases, often under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) and Federal Rail Safety Act, respectively: (1) Signals WITHIN a railroad’s land and operational scope, and (2) highway-rail grade crossings.

See Federal Register notices on “proposed discontinuance or modification of a railroad signal system” by Wisconsin Central Limited (railroad) here, and “proposed discontinuance of automatic signals within traffic control systems (TSC) territory and the installation of a cab signal system without automatic wayside signals on the NS Pittsburgh Line” here.

“Importance of Clear Safety Procedures for Temporary Removal from Service of Highway – Rail Grade Crossing Warning Systems and Wayside Signal Systems.”

June 3, 2013. Notice of Safety Advisory