AVIATION (U.S. TRUSTEES FOR NON-CITIZEN TRUSTORS AND BENEFICIARIES) / In major public meetings in 2012 and 2011, and in gathering responses to its notices in the Federal Register April 26, 2011 and February 9, 2012, the FAA has undertaken a major review of it, “policies and practices regarding the registration of aircraft in the United States involving U.S. citizen trustees and non-U.S. citizen trustors and beneficiaries”. Speaking very broadly, the “U.S. citizen trustees” are often banks and the “trustors and beneficiaries” are various non-U.S. business interests that own aircraft and who wish to have a United State, “N-registered”, status for such aircraft. The day before this post the FAA announced a major policy clarification which this blog will address this weekend in its “Comment” section. This is a major development in a very intense discussion between the FAA and the aviation community during the past two – now going on three – years.

“Notice of Policy Clarification for the Registration of Aircraft to U.S. Citizen Trustees in Situations Involving Non-U.S. Citizen Trustors and Beneficiaries.”

June 18, 2013. Notice of FAA Policy Clarification.