FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (RULES FOR LOAD SECUREMENT) / “[The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration] renews the Flatbed Carrier Safety Group’s (FCSG) exemption which allows the securement of metal coils on a flatbed vehicle, in a sided vehicle, or in an intermodal container loaded with eyes crosswise, grouped in rows, in which the coils are loaded to contact each other in the longitudinal direction. Motor carriers may continue to use the pre-January 1, 2004 cargo securement regulations for the transportation of groups of metal coils with eyes crosswise, as this loading configuration is not currently covered under the Agency’s commodity-specific rules for securing metal coils in 49 CFR 393.120.”

“Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation; Exemption Renewal for the Flatbed Carrier Safety Group.”

June 11, 2013. Notice Of Renewal Of Exemption; Request For Comments.

A simple observation for those who do not follow trucking regulation and law: Means of securement of this particular type of load are hereby made a matter of federal law, with implications for tort standards under the court-made doctrine of “negligence per se” based upon failure to adhere to a regulation or law pertaining to safety measures – here for metal coils on a flatbed truck trailer.