RAILROADS (RESPONSE TO LAC-MÉGANTIC TRAGEDY) / Presumably part of the federal government’s response to Lac-Mégantic tragedy: U.S. DOT’s Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA’s) Hazardous Materials Division announces along with Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration a 2-day meeting August 27-28 about “a public meeting addressing the transportation of hazardous materials by rail”.

“Hazardous Materials: Improving the Safety of Railroad Transportation of Hazardous Materials”

July 18, 2013. Announcement of Public Meeting and Establishment of Public Docket.

The announcement does not mention any particular reason. But it’ a two-day public meeting that they are just announcing 4 weeks before the event.

My calls to specific people at the Hazardous Materials Division did not reach anyone who could give me more detail about background.