RAILROADS (STREAMLINING RATE COMPLAINT CASES) / The Surface Transportation Board (U.S. STB) changes the rules on two forms of rate complaint proceedings to make the procedural offerings to reduce the time, complexity and cost of cases in which a party wishes to complain about rail rates to the U.S. STB.

“Rate Regulation Reforms.”

 July 24, 2013. Final Rules.

“The Surface Transportation Board (Board) changes some of its existing regulations and procedures concerning rate complaint proceedings. The Board previously created two simplified procedures to reduce the time, complexity, and expense of rate cases. The Board now modifies its rules to remove the limitation on relief for one simplified approach, and to raise the relief available under the other simplified approach. The Board also makes technical changes to the full and simplified rate procedures; changes the interest rate that railroads must pay on reparations if they are found to have charged unreasonable rates; and announces future proceedings on options for addressing cross-over traffic and on proposals to address the concerns of small agricultural shippers. The purpose of these actions is to ensure that the Board’s simplified and expedited processes for resolving rate disputes are more accessible.”