HAZARDOUS MATERIALS (RAILROADS) / Two agency developments responding to the Lac-Mégantic tragedy: (1) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) emergency order “for attendance and securement of certain freight trains … on mainline track or mainline siding outside of a yard or terminal; and (2) FRA and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) jointly announce emergency meeting of Railroad Safety Advisory Committee on railroad and hazardous materials issues related to Lac-Mégantic.

ITEM #1: “Emergency Order Establishing Additional Requirements for Attendance and Securement of Certain Freight Trains and Vehicles on Mainline Track or Mainline Siding Outside of a Yard or Terminal.

August 7, 2013. Notice.

ITEM #2: “Lac-Mégantic Railroad Accident Discussion and DOT Safety Recommendations”

August 7, 2013. Notice Of Safety Advisory And Announcement Of Emergency Meeting Of The Railroad Safety Advisory Committee.

With respect to FRA and PHMSA joint meeting to discuss implications of Lac-Mégantic incident for U.S. railroad and hazardous materials policy.