MOTOR CARRIERS (HOURS-OF-SERVICE / OIL FIELD) / Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) responds to earlier public comments motor carrier rules about hours-of-service requirements for oilfield operations: First, for specially trained drivers of commercial motor vehicles that are built specifically to service the oil wells themselves (a lengthy specific list), the so-called “oilfield-waiting-time” provision will continue to exclude from on-duty time such time as they spend waiting at the well site (oil or gas). Second, commercial motor vehicles that transport equipment, water (for fracking) and sand (for fracking) – a list is given – do NOT qualify for the “oilfield-waiting-time” provision to exclude their waiting time at the well site from total hours-of-service calculation.

Note well: “Oilfield-waiting-time” has been the topic of debate in the industry since the old Interstate Commerce Commission first issued hours-of-service rules for motor carriers in 1939. The lists of those whose equipment and operations  qualify for the “oilfield-waiting-time” exclusion to hours-of-service and those whose equipment and operations do not qualify are long and detailed. And for those businesses who believe their equipment and operations are not adequately described, FMCSA invites them to apply for an exemption: “Therefore, motor carriers that believe the current oilfield operations exceptions do not provide sufficient relief for their operations should consider submitting an application for an exemption to the Agency describing an alternative that would ensure the requisite level of safety.”

“Hours of Service of Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles; Regulatory Guidance for Oilfield Exception”

August 12, 2013. Notice Of Regulatory Guidance; Response To Public Comments.