AVIATION (ENHANCED FLIGHT VISION SYSTEMS) / The Federal Aviation Administration announces availability for comment of two advisory circular drafts relating to Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) relating to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking announced June 13, 2013 – the first consisting of rules for EFVS operations, and the second consisting of guidance on getting airworthiness approvals for EFVS & related equipment. The gist of EFVS: Instrumentation that provides a graphic portrayal in place of natural vision to descend to specified altitudes where visibility at the destination airport is below authorized minimums.

Note well: Concerning Enhanced Flight Vision Systems, the proposed advisory circular about EFVS operations covers substantially the entire waterfront of aviation operations – Parts 91 (general operating and flight rules), 121 (scheduled air carrier), 125 (certification of larger aircraft – 20 or more passengers or maximum payload capacity 6,000 pounds or more), 129 (foreign air carriers and foreign operators), and 135 (commuter and on-demand operations) of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

“Availability of Draft Advisory Circular (AC) 90-106A and AC 20-167A”

 August 13, 2013. Notice of Availability for Comment. Continue reading