RAILROAD / Federal Railroad Administration offers revised guidance for requesting one-time movement approvals (OTMA) for transportation by rail of “nonconforming or leaking bulk hazardous materials packages”.

Who is affected? Railroads and shipper of hazardous materials by rail.

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RAILROAD / U.S. Surface Transportation Board entered partial decision on tariff rules for Toxic-by-Inhalation and Poisonous-by-Inhalation freight carried by railroads under their common carrier obligations – Little in the way of clear lines drawn at this stage, STB deferred decisions on (1) priority train requirement, and (2) three TIH/PIH cars per train limit, pending comments that STB seeks from FRA, PHMSA and TSA.

Who is affected? Railroads; shippers of TIH / PIH freight.

(November 28, 2012, Decision of entire Board on petition by C.F. Industries, Inc. and several other chemical shippers and trade associations for the U.S. STB to “declare invalid and unenforceable certain requirements promulgated by RailAmerica, Inc., and several of its railroad subsidiaries regarding rail transportation of [TIH and PIH]”.

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AVIATION & HAZARDOUS MATERIALS / FAA and PHMSA delay effective date of new Hazardous Materials Regulation (HMR) provision to harmonize U.S. with new UN, ICAO and IMO rules regarding notification of passengers during ticketing and check-in about HMR requirements .

The FAA and PHMSA have jointly decided to delay the effective date of a final rule already adopted that the Hazardous Materials Regulations to maintain alignment with international standards by incorporating various amendments, including changes to proper shipping names, hazard classes, packing groups, special provisions, packaging authorizations, air transport limited quantities, and vessel stowage requirements. 

Who is affected? Air carriers and others involved in scheduled passenger air travel governed by U.S. law.

(November 13, 2012, Advisory notice ):

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