RAILROAD (HIGHWAY/RAILROAD CROSSINGS & TRACK SAFETY STANDARDS) / Federal Railroad Administration makes two new safety rules about track condition: One changing Track Safety Standards and Passenger Equipment Safety Standards to address speeds up to 220 m.p.h., and the other to create systems for telephonic notifications of unsafe highway-rail grade crossings.

Track & Equipment Standards

“The final rule revises standards for track geometry and safety limits for vehicle response to track conditions, enhances vehicle/track qualification procedures, and adds flexibility for permitting high cant deficiency train operations through curves at conventional speeds.

“The rule accounts for a range of vehicle types that are currently in operation, as well as vehicle types that may likely be used in future high-speed or high cant deficiency rail operations, or both.”

“Vehicle/Track Interaction Safety Standards; High-Speed and High Cant Deficiency Operations”

March 13, 2013. Final Rule.

Telephonic Notification of Unsafe Conditions

“This document responds to a petition for reconsideration of FRA’s final rule published on June 12, 2012, mandating that certain railroads establish and maintain systems that allow members of the public to call the railroads, using a toll-free telephone number, and report an emergency or other unsafe condition at highway-rail and pathway grade crossings. This document amends and clarifies the final rule.”

“Systems for Telephonic Notification of Unsafe Conditions at Highway-Rail and Pathway Grade Crossings” 

March 15, 2013. Final Rule; Response to Petition for Reconsideration.